Advertiser FAQ

1. How does Blogposting.net improve the Search Engine Ranking?

Ans: Blogposting.net can help you improve the Search Engine Ranking by promoting and advertising your website, through qualitative and contextual links.

2. What is Blogposting.net?

Ans: Blogposting.net is a blogger network where Advertiser can easily buy contextual on publisher blogs.

3. How does the Advertiser search for the Publisher Blog?

Ans: The advertiser will search for publisher blogs in his/ her account. Also, the advertiser can filter the blog list depending on a variety of choices such as PR, Alexa, DA, IP, Price, or Category.

4. How much does the Advertiser need to pay for each blogpost?

Ans: There is no fix amount of money that the advertiser will have to pay for each blogpost. Depending on the quality and depth of the article, prices can vary from as little as $2 to more than $100. The keys are quality and uniqueness. The administrator is the one setting the price based on the PR, Alexa, or DA old domains for each and every blog.

5. How much time is required to deliver the blogpost/ article?

Ans: All articles will become “live” in a matter of seconds from the moment they were approved on the blog.

6. How will I write articles?

Ans: All articles should be 100% unique, enchanting, well researched, and according to the blog’s profile. Only the articles that truly represent a value should be submitted for further appearance on the blogs. Thus, we are only searching for people with high knowledge of language and writing, who know how to write a unique article that is both interesting and suitable for each theme of a blog.

7. How many links can be added on a blogpost?

Ans: There is a limit of 2 links that can be added into the blogpost. The URL Link can be either a homepage or a deep link, it does not matter

8. Can the Advertiser edit the article once it was submitted?

Ans: The Advertiser can edit the article within 7 days after it was originally submitted, without paying any additional costs.

9. Can the Advertiser delete the article after the blogpost submission?

Ans: The Advertiser can delete the article within 7 days after the blog submission, and the payment will be refunded in their balance. After 7 days, the Advertiser can no longer delete the article.

10. Can the Advertiser add images or Youtube videos in their blogposts?

Ans: Yes, the Advertiser can add any content image or Youtube video related in the blogpost.

11. Can the Advertiser add feature images in the post?

Ans: Yes, the advertiser can.

12. Can the Advertiser insert a tag into the blogpost?

Ans: Yes, the advertiser can.

13. Are the blogpots links permanent on the blog?

Ans: Yes.

14. What will happen if the Publisher removes the link?

Ans: The blogpost links are permanent; however, if any publisher will intentionally remove any link or delete any article, Blogposting will refund the full amount of money that needs to be paid within 30 days. And if a webmaster remove any link after a 1 month, then Blogposting  will bulk that publisher.

15. Can an Advertiser post adult content on blogposts?

Ans: No, Blogposting does not allow adult content or any links towards adult sites in the article.

16. Can the Advertiser promote any casino or poker site?

Ans: Blogposting does not allow any content or link towards a casino, gambling, or a poker site.

17. Can the Advertiser post a Drip-feed article?

Ans: Yes, the Advertiser can post an article regarding future or old dates.

Publisher FAQ

1. What is Blogposting.net?

Ans: Blogposting.net represents the best solution for your blog to become more visited and, for affiliates to earn considerable amounts of money on a regular basis, by simply writing and posting quality articles, 100% unique.

2. How can a publisher earn money from their blog?

Ans:The publisher can add his/ her blog into the system and receive money for articles with links. When any advertiser submits an article on his/ her blog, he/ she will start earning money.

3. How much does a publisher earn for a single blogpost?

Ans: A publisher can earn anywhere from $2 to $100 per blogpost. The price of the blogpost depends on the blogpost stats, such as PageRank, Alexa Rank, Domain Authority, Index Page, or Aged Domain.

4. Who will set the blogpost’s price?

Ans: The administrator will set the blogpost’s price after checking the SEO stat of the blog.

5. How much can a publisher earn per month from Blogpoting.net?

Ans:It depends on many factors: how many blogs did the publisher add in the systems, the SEO stas quality for each blog, blog categories or No. of article submissions.

6. What is the “Pending balance” in the publisher’s amount?

Ans: When the advertiser submits an article on the publisher’s blog, he or she can edit or delete the article within 7 day. If the advertiser deletes the article within these 7 days, then the pending balance will be deducted in the publisher’s account.

7. What is the “Earning balance”?

Ans: The Earning balance represents the amount which any publisher will actually learn during the current month. The Earning balance represents the payable amount the publisher will receive at the end of each month.

8. When does Blogposting send the payment to the publisher?

Ans: Blogposting pays between the 3rd and the 5th of each month for the publisher’s earnings from the previous month.

9. What payment options are available?

Ans: Currently, Blogposting.net only pays via PayPal.

10. What will be the topic of the article? Is there a blog theme related?

Ans: Yes, all articles will be related to the blog’s theme. During blog submissions, the publisher can select from various categories that will fit within the blog. If a publisher is multi-category, he or she can select multiple categories for the article posting.

11. Is the article content original and of high quality?

Ans: Yes. All articles will have to be original and of high quality. Otherwise, the publisher can delete an article within 7 days from the article’s first submission.

12. Is the article related to the blog’s theme?

Ans:Yes. The article will fit within the blog’s theme. Any non-relevant article can be deleted by the publisher within 7 days from its submission.

13. Can Blogposting.net post any adult, casino, gambling, or poker content or links on a publisher’ blog?

Ans: No, we manually check each link in order to avoid any adult, casino, gambling, or poker link. Blogposting.net does not allow under any form of adult, casino, or poker-related contents.