How it Works?

How it works

1. Each publisher add his/her blogs for the approval of the administrator.

2. The administrator has the obligation to check the quality of each blog, and then approve it.

3. The administrator is also the one setting the price based on the PR, Alexa, or DA old domains for each and every blog.

4. After you received your approval, you, as an advertiser, will be able to buy the blog-posts.

5. The advertiser will then search for publisher blogs in his/ her account. Also, the advertiser can filter the blog list basing its choices on PR, Alexa, DA, IP, Price, or Category.

6. The advertiser will select the blog he/ he will want to submit the article.

7. The advertiser then adds the following categories, when he/ she submits the article: blogpost’s title, main body, tag, the blog category.

8. After the article was successfully posted, the publisher will receive its afferent amount of money in his/ her account, marked as “pending”.

9. Within 7 days after the article was originally posted, the advertiser can either edit or delete the article.

10. Also within 7 days the publisher can delete the article if it considered of poor quality, copied content, or non-relevant to the blog’s theme.

11. After 7 days the “pending” balance will be shifted to the “earned” balance, making it possible for the advertiser to redeem the money.

12. The advertiser can see a full report of all the articles he/ she posted on the website.

13. Each month, on the 5th, the publisher will receive the money earned the previous month.